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Desktop as a Service

Traditional desktops and laptops are costly and difficult to manage, and they pose significant security challenges.


Covid19: The need to enable employees to work from home has increased significantly. Many employees use their own devices which you have no control over and can introduce harmful files into your network.



DaaS is the delivery of a fully managed virtual desktop, accessible from anywhere on any device.


Our DaaS solution replaces traditional systems with virtual desktops powered from the cloud, aimed to empower both your end-users and your IT teams.


Your end-users benefit as a result of having greater flexibility to work from anywhere, on any device, and collaborate more easily with co-workers, partners and vendors.


Your IT teams benefit as a result of simplifying virtual desktop integration and delivery, making it easy to add new services to an enterprise’s digital workspace, whenever and wherever is needed, at the speed of the business.


 DaaS provides improved security, disaster recovery, simplified management of software updates, reduction of support overheads and streamlined provisioning of workspaces for employees, all while minimizing IT infrastructure cost and enhancing deployment speed.


 Companies can address the issues associated with end-user computing while giving their staff more freedom and increasing productivity. The pain associated with managing a multitude of devices, including those not supplied by the company, is eliminated.



24x7x365 managed services team that hooks directly into your support structure and ticketing system for a seamless end user experience.



Top notch security standards backed by CISSP-certified personnel to ensure your solution follows CIS guidelines and technical recommended practices. Active vulnerability tracking is performed with CISA and NIST alerts.



Comprehensive onboarding service to guide you through the desktop transformation journey. This allows us to customize the solution specific to the needs of your IT team and end users, while adhering to your company’s security standards, change management processes, and support structure.



All technical requirements are bundled into a per user pricing model enabling you to better predict the cost of a desktop transformation initiative or workforce expansion, without unforeseen hardware costs.