IT Support Services

Key Takeaways

By bringing together proven methodology targeting customer’s common challenges, Samana is able to extract the maximum benefit out of existing and future VDI infrastructures. Managed Services focuses primarily on the MANAGE portion outlined previously, while being supported by the other stages of the methodology. For example, if new applications or use cases need to be added, Samana will engage in a DESIGN and DEPLOY phase to roll this out.


Maximized Uptime

Continuous custom monitoring allows Samana to react quickly to any threats to the environment

Maximizing uptime increases end user satisfaction and solution adoption

Minimizing disruptions ensures that revenue generating activity interruptions are rare, if any



Customer receives a designated team of resources with capacity management capabilities for a cost comparable to a single FTE

Customer can leverage OPEX budget for Managed Services


VDI experts manage the day to day operations of the environment and become an extension of the customer’s team

Close relationship with solution vendor allows for improved response times and increased knowledge

Customer resources can be focused on other enterprise wide initiatives while Samana handles the VDI environment, allowing for increased all around coverage

Patch and upgrade management roadmaps are laid out and executed by Samana after customer approval